balık yağının faydaları, çocuklarda bebeklerde balık yağı kullanımı
The benefits of fish oil, the use of fish oil in infants in children

Fish oil which is very useful especially in children’s development period 19459010] is a good source of omega-3 . Fish oil capsules obtained from the oil of fish such as salmon, bluefish, sardines, tuna and mullet which are among the cold water fish species ; cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and brain health is very useful for.


Fish oil capsules contain abundant omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important in body development. 3.5 grams of fish oil contains approximately 3 grams of fatty acids. By consuming fish that has many benefits for our health, we get fish oil. However, some people do not consume fish due to the smell of fish, this situation is more in children. Therefore, the necessary omega 3 intake can be met from fish oil capsules.


The Benefits of Fish Oil

 Benefits of fish oil

Benefits of fish oil for brain health; Omega-3 found in fish oil is very beneficial for brain health. It protects against diseases such as Alzheimer’s which adversely affect brain health and reduces attention deficit.


Fish Oil Blood Pressure Balances ; Fish oil has properties that balance the blood pressure level. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil provide the expansion of blood vessels, thus preventing the rise of blood pressure. Because of this benefit, fish oil is one of the nutritional supplements that can be used to monitor blood pressure especially after heart surgery and to prevent the rise of blood pressure.


Fish Oil Protects Heart Health; Fish oil helps to preserve heart health by balancing blood pressure thanks to omega-3 fatty acids it contains. Fish oil is one of the heart-friendly oils as well as its nourishing properties.


Fish Oil Reduces Susceptibility to Diabetes; Omega 3 acids prevent insulin susceptibility because it predisposes to diabetes. It also repairs damages to the vessels caused by diabetes.


Fish oil capsules can be consumed as supplementary nutrients in menstrual disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome.


Protects Bone Health; The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil prevent the weakening of bones caused by osteoporosis. According to researches; in particular, it is known to slow the loss of bones in the spine.


Regular omega-3 intake reduces the risk of stroke by 27%.


Good for vascular stiffness; Fish oil, which slows the hardening of blood vessels to the heart, protects the health of the heart.


Fish Oil for Kidney Problems; Regular consumption of fish oil protects kidney health through omega 3 fatty acids. Helps kidney function to work better.


Fights Against Obesity; Regular consumption of fish oil balances blood sugar and insulin resistance, thus preventing appetite and preventing appetite.


Fish Oil Balances Cholesterol; Fish oil contains beneficial fats for the heart and blood vessels, but does not raise cholesterol levels and maintains stability. When taken with vitamin B12 supplementation, it lowers cholesterol.


Fish Oil Nourishes the Skin; Regular and adequate intake of omega-3 nourishes the skin’s cells. Reduces the effects of aging caused by sun and aging.


Is Fish Oil Weight Reduction


Consumption of fish oil, which is a common belief in our society, or fish oil supplements is a misinformation that will increase weight gain. Fish oil does not care about weight. Consuming fish oil on a regular basis helps to lose weight . Fish oil, one of the most beneficial fatty acids for our health, omega 3 fatty acid strengthens the immune system and reduces fat storage. It contains fatty acid which helps to lose weight fish oil.


The Use of Fish Oil in Infants in Children


In every period of human life, omega oil is needed. However, childhood is a period of development and healthy nutrition of children during this period is very important. From this point of view, omega 3 intake is mostly met by fish oil.


The use of omega 3 intake is recommended to address the attention deficit of children aged 8-12 years.


Some children are selective about eating. It does not want to consume fish and seafood. In such cases fish oil capsule, which is very important for their development, can be consumed. Omega-3 intake is of great importance for children’s mental development. It contributes positively to the mental development of children.


Fish oil is also very beneficial for children’s eye health. With regular omega 3 intake, you can reduce the risk of eye health and eye diseases.


Not only children, but also unborn babies need omega-3. Pregnant mothers are advised to consume foods containing omega 3 to support the mental and physical development of their babies.