beyaz ekmeğin zararları, kalorisi
harms of white bread, calorie

[White bread


White bread, which is the most basic food of our tables is one of the most consumed bread types in our country. In our country, 7-8 slices of bread are consumed on average per day and our culture is also based on the understanding that no bread is served. However, when white bread , which has an important place in our food culture , is consumed too much, it may pose some threats to our health. White bread is consumed in excessive amounts as in any food, especially heart problems, cardiovascular problems, causing many discomfort. However, bread consumption in our country is quite high “ I do not get enough without bread” I cannot live without bread göster sentences indicate our dependence on bread. In this article you will find important information about the harms of white bread , the dependence of white bread and the calorie of white bread . Our advice is to consume as much as possible black bread made of black bread or or whole wheat flour made of whole wheat bread . To see the benefits of flour and syrup bread What is syrup, what are the benefits we recommend that you take a look at our article.


In fact, damages of white bread to mention the subject of the raw material of bread is white flour. Bread is produced from wheat as it is known. Wheat, which is an important cereal product, is a very useful food for our health. However, nowadays, wheat is processed too much to store white flour longer and loses its true nutritional value.


Another reason for the preference of white flour , which is widely used today ; white flour is more beautiful pulping and swelling. The most important factor in the pulping of white flour is the abundance of gluten . Gluten makes white flour easy to pulp and brings with it many diseases. Gluten-induced diseases celiac disease is the leading.


The Damages of the White Bread


beyaz ekmeğin zararları
damages of white bread

The damage of white bread comes from white flour, which is the raw material . When white flour is obtained, wheat undergoes many processes and unfortunately loses its nutritional properties. White flour is a type of flour that has lost 80% of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the fiber content is very low. Therefore, white bread made from white flour does not have a nutritious property. Vitamins and minerals necessary for our body are not found in white bread .


White bread is not nutritious and gives a feeling of saturation that is not real. After a while, they get hungry and the pleasure of eating again wakes.


White bread , which has no nutritious properties, is only used to inflate the stomach and the digestive and excretory system works in vain to digest the bread.


White bread is a high proportion of processed cardonhydrate and processed carbohydrate is stored in our body as fat.


Preservatives added during the production of white bread also trigger migraine pain.


Sweeteners and thickeners contained in white bread can cause vascular blockage and blood pressure disorder.


White bread without pulp can cause constipation.


White bread can be addictive because of the additives and processed white flour. This dependence is a dependency on carbohydrates. With white bread the body’s blood sugar rises rapidly and the person feels temporary satiety and happiness, but after a very short time the blood sugar decreases rapidly and the person starts to feel hunger and the desire to eat awakens.


Another damage of white bread is that it causes lubrication in the belly area.


The white bread has a very high glycemic index. Glycemic index is a substance that increases blood sugar rapidly. Any food made from white flour has a high glycemic index and can cause serious damage to our body. According to the studies, consuming foods with high glycemic index (white bread, rice) increases the risk of developing lung cancer by 48%.


White bread increases insulin in the blood, increasing the risk of diabetes.


White Bread Calories


White bread is quite calorie is a food. 100 grams of white bread is about 250 calories . A standard sized bread sold in the ovens is 250 grams and one white bread is about 1000 calories. In addition, white bread is produced with white flour, salt and additives are added. White flour, which has no nutritional properties, has no other function than providing calories to the body by combining sugar and salt.


Today, very few people do not eat bread. Already healthy fats (Omega-3 and omega-6), zinc, calcium and carbohydrate substances such as our body needs. Therefore, bread should be consumed. These components, however, are found in breads made from less processed whole wheat flour or black flour . When consuming bread, it is more beneficial for your health to use your choice since whole wheat bread and black bread .