the fact that players in U.S. movies and TV shows smoke-like products made from different plants instead of real cigarettes can open up your horizons.

the tobacco industry and Hollywood used to be very close, but since 1998, tobacco products have been banned from placing products in movies and TV shows.

in fact, Once Upon a time, a cigarette company sponsored the Stone Age cartoon.

in addition, due to future health problems in players, producers do not prefer to smoke real during shooting, even if the players drink in their own lives.

today, in famous productions where cigarette smoke almost reached our home, players are actually drinking something like this, which is a mixture of different plants wrapped in paper (over 200,000 pieces were consumed during the filming of the mad men series)

another popular brand, honeyrose, contains a mixture of honey, strawberries and vanilla, as well as plants. it wasn’t in vain for CNBC to put flowers in place of cigarettes.