Natural and easy skin care in the home

What is natural skin care at home ? These are daily, weekly and monthly treatments that are applied periodically according to the needs of the skin with the help of natural or cosmetic products. These treatments can be performed daily, weekly and monthly at routine intervals. Natural skin care at home is especially important to be aware of your skin type and use cures and masks prepared with products suitable for your skin type.


Working life, increasing work tempo significantly affect people’s time for personal care. People seek economic and natural solutions for their personal care both financially and in terms of time. They looked for ways to do easy and natural skin care at home as the best solution to this rightful pursuit. In this article we have sample mask recipes for easy and natural skin care at home , containing important tips even for highly processed, intense make-up skin . When you apply carefully, you will immediately notice the effect within a few weeks…


Skin Care with Avocado


avokado ile cilt bakımı
Skin care with avocado

How to make skin care with avocado? This tropical fruit, which has many benefits, has an important place for skin health thanks to the nutritious oils it contains. Especially those with dry skin can use it with peace of mind. Every morning, apply baby shampoo as a face wash and rinse. Immediately after this process, apply mildly softened avocado to your skin and wait for 5 minutes if you have time, if you do not have time, immediately rinse again with warm water. After a few applications you will notice the difference.


Skin Cleaning with Milk


süt ile cilt temizliği
cleaning the skin with milk

How to clean the skin with milk ? After washing your face with half a cup of tea milk with a piece of clean cotton with the help of the face and neck area to apply soft movements. When you are sure that the milk is well absorbed by your skin, rinse with warm water. Thanks to the moisturizing feature of the milk, your skin will be soft.


How to Make Honey, Banana and Milk Mask


bal muz ve süt maskesi
honey banana and milk mask

In addition to daily care, weekly or monthly care is very important for tired skin to recover. In this sense, we believe that it will be very helpful, practical and economic natural mask honey, banana and milk mask recipe with you ler


1 Crush the medium-sized banana carefully in a glass bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of milk and half a tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture to your face in a circular and soft motion without waiting and wait until it is completely dry. Then clean with warm water. You can apply this mask on a weekly basis, renewing your tired skin, refreshing and purifying the dead layer.


Oat Cucumber Mask Suitable for Oily Skin Type


yağlı cilt tipine yulaflı salatalık maskesi
oat cucumber mask for oily skin type

How to make oat cucumber mask suitable for oily skin type? 1 cucumber (with shells), 1 tablespoon light yogurt, 1 tablespoon oats beat in the mixer. It should be a mixture of dense consistency. Stir until thick. Apply the viscous mixture to your face and neck so that it does not come around your eyes and wait for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. It removes deeply sbum and dirt accumulated in pores, which is the main problem in individuals with oily skin type, contributes to the skin’s freshness, vivid appearance and breathing of the skin.

 Miracle of the Skin Apple Mask


cilt mucizesi elma maskesi
the miracle of skin apple mask

The benefits of apples do not stop counting. It is also an important antioxidant for the skin. Brightens, brightens, hydrates skin It is a natural shield that minimizes the signs of aging while minimizing skin damage from sunlight. Although it varies according to skin type, apple is another important factor in skin tightening. Now let’s see how the skin miracle apple mask is made: For apple mask , let’s grate 1 medium apple first. We add 1 teaspoon of curd and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice over the apples that we transfer to a glass bowl and mix. Apply the mixture gently to your face and neck (do not apply it around the eye area). After waiting 10-15 minutes you can clean with warm water.