pratik halı temizliği,halıdaki lekeler nasıl çıkar
practical carpet cleaning, how to remove stains on the carpet

Carpets in the house dust, bacteria, microorganisms that cause many allergic diseases such as mites is one of the most densely inhabited things. Carpet cleaning should be carried out even more carefully, especially if there are individuals with allergic disorders or small children among those living at home. For this reason, we have studied for you how effective and practical carpet cleaning is made, carpet cleaning tips, how stains on the carpet are removed . It is a difficult and challenging type of cleaning carpet, which we recommend for you to pay attention to the tricks you can also get glittering glittering carpets effortlessly.


Practical Carpet Cleaning


When practicing practical carpet cleaning , the primary consideration is to perform daily and regular sweeping to ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned of dust and debris. The daily sweeping process in carpet cleaning necessitates a deeper carpet cleaning as a result of the accumulation of dirt on the carpet bottoms and stubbornness. It is seen that getting professional washing service from carpet cleaning companies in order to do in-depth carpet cleaning gives effective results in carpet cleaning. It is especially difficult for people who cannot find enough time from their busy working schedule to do carpet cleaning at home. That is why getting professional support from cleaning companies makes carpet cleaning quite easy.


In addition, the annual cleaning and maintenance of professional carpets made weekly, monthly cleaning of your home environment you can easily find yourself using natural materials you can easily do. Knowing the various solutions for natural carpet cleaning and practical carpet cleaning , knowing how to intervene when any stain is spilled on the carpet surface will make carpet cleaning easier.


Carpet cleaning tips ;


  • For effective and practical carpet cleaning you should wipe your carpet with vinegar water before sweeping and sweep when dry. By wiping your carpet with vinegar water that destroys bacteria and germs, you will also ensure that your house smells.

  • Another solution that removes the bad odor and removes germs from the carpet is carbonate. Especially after mixing with corn starch, carbonate becomes a very important active material for carpet cleaning. In order to benefit from the benefits of carbonate in practical carpet cleaning, corn starch and carbonate are mixed and sprinkled on the carpet. After waiting for about half an hour, the carpet surface is swept. At the end of the process, you will immediately notice that your carpet shines and swells.

  • Another issue that should be considered in carpet cleaning is the immediate response to stain spilled on the carpet surface. For this, it is recommended to pour soda on the stain on the carpet and wait for a while and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. It is also recommended to use salt as another material to effectively interfere with the stain spilled on the carpet. It prevents salt stains from entering the carpet and keeps them on the surface. Thus, the removal of stains is made easier by salt.

How to Remove Stains on the Carpet


If you have the question how the stains on the carpet will come out , you are in the right place. By following the advice given, you will always have brilliant carpets by eliminating the stubborn dirt in the carpet with simple and practical applications that you will apply at home.


To remove the oil stain on the carpet pour bicarbonate over the stain, wait minutes and scrub. Then, vacuum the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. In addition to carpet cleaning, you may also be interested in how the oil stain on the seat [1945909] can also be used to remove oil stains on the seat.


To remove tea and coffee stains on the carpet 1 glass of warm water, 1 spoon of vinegar and 1 spoon of dishwashing detergent with a sponge without rubbing on the stain wipe. Continue to delete the stain to the outgoing.


To remove blood stains on the carpet first remove excess blood with a cloth. Pour plenty of carbonate over the stain and wait for a while. Then rub in cold water and remove excess moisture with a towel.


To remove ink stains on the carpet , apply shaving foam on the stain and rub it well. Then rinse and sweep with a vacuum cleaner. You can try this application in the same way as hair spray instead of shaving foam.


To remove the juice stain on the carpet remove excess spilled liquid by applying pressure on the stain without spreading it. Then pour plenty of water with Arabic soap on the stain and clean with a towel. Repeat the process until the carpet is rinsed.


To remove the mud stains on the carpet you first need to do is wait for the mud to dry. Remove the dried sludge with a vacuum cleaner. Then pour the water onto the stain with some laundry detergent. Rub with a clean towel. Remove any remaining water with a dry towel and sweep with a vacuum cleaner.


To remove the gum on the carpet , it is necessary to put a lot of ice on the gum adhering area. It is cleaned more easily from the gum carpet that hardens and becomes sticky thanks to the ice.


In order to remove the bad odor on the carpet , it is recommended to wipe the carpet with vinegar at regular intervals, then rinse with clean water and finally sweep the carpet. During this process, we would like to remind you that vinegar ratio should be adjusted very well according to the structure of the carpet.