What are the benefits of goat’s milk?


In recent years goat milk is among the alternative milk. Goat’s milk is one of the prominent types of milk with its benefits . The primary benefit of goat milk is the high calcium content. Goat milk yogurt u in your own home, healthy, high-content yogurt with high calcium content.


What is Goat Milk


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What is goat’s milk

Goat’s milk is a milk obtained from goats. Consumption of goat milk in our country has increased with the knowledge of the benefits of goat milk . Goat milk thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains is the milk type closest to breast milk. Goat milk, which contains more magnesium than the most commonly consumed cow’s milk in our country, is also a good source of phosphorus. 100 grams of goat milk contains 134 mg of calcium. In cow’s milk, it is 119 mg. From this point of view, goat’s milk will be a good choice to meet the calcium needs of the growing children, especially for their bone development.


Goat milk contains vitamin A, magnesium and selenium. Goat’s milk contains less fat than the amount of fat found in cow’s milk. Lactose, which is found in cow’s milk, is less in goat milk. People with lactose allergy feel indigestion or bloating in their stomachs after drinking cow’s milk. However, goat milk lactose level is very low and does not cause indigestion and bloating.


The Benefits of Goat Milk


  • According to the current research; goat milk is the milk closest to breast milk. Very nutritious for babies and children.

  • Selenium, which is abundant in goat’s milk, fights against cancer.

  • Goat inhibits the activation of harmful bacteria in the intestines.

Goat Milk Against Eczema ; People with eczema are struggling with this skin disease with various medical treatments. There may be different causes of eczema. Some people suffer from allergic eczema. Goat milk does not cause allergies in the body and strengthens the immune system thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains.


Goat’s milk is consumed regularly reduces the problems of varicose veins and indigestion.


Goat milk is also a good source of protein; However, protein in milk can cause an allergic reaction in some bodies. However, beta-timeain in goat milk is much less than cow’s milk. People who are allergic to milk protein can consume goat’s milk.


Useful fatty acids in goat’s milk prevent inflammation.


Vitamin A and natural extracts found in goat’s milk are a good source of care for the skin. In recent years, care products or soaps containing goat milk have been produced. Goat’s milk helps to maintain the moisture level by balancing the ph level of the skin.

 Benefits of Goat Milk Yoghurt

Goat’s milk can be used in different types. Goat cheese or goat yogurt are sources of calcium made from goat’s milk. When fermented as a natural fermented goat yogurt preserves its nutritional value and goat milk does not lose its benefits. Goat yogurt is easy to digest and high in calcium. It can be fed especially to children who do not consume yogurt made from cow’s milk.


Goat’s milk is made not only of yogurt, but also of cheese and ice cream. Goat’s milk ice cream is quite delicious compared to other ice creams. Goat milk ice cream made from the milk of goats fed with wild orchid roots on mountain slopes is distinguished from other ice creams both in flavor and in nutritive properties. The taste of Maraş forged ice cream, which is consumed in our country, is also from goat milk.


Goat cheese made from goat’s milk is less fatty than other cheeses. Goat cheese is a good choice for those who want to eat healthily and lose weight while retaining their nutritional properties despite being low fat.


Is Goat Milk the Weight to Gain


Goat’s milk is rich in calcium and iron, goat’s milk is a weight gain wonder whether. But goat’s milk does not matter. Because cow’s milk is less fat and lactose rate is less. Since goat milk does not contain lactose, it does not cause indigestion and bloating. Helps the digestive system to work better. Good digestive system and regulation of intestinal flora help goat’s milk to help weaken.


Nutritional Value of Goat Milk;


One of those who are curious about goat’s milk is its calorie. 1 Glass of goat milk is 135 calories.


Goat milk nutritional values;


  • 4.45 grams of carbohydrate

  • 3.56 grams of protein

  • 4.14 grams of oil

  • 11 mg cholesterol
  •  134mg calcium

  • 0.05 mg iron

  • Contains 204 mg of potassium.