soğanın faydaları nelerdir, soğan suyunun faydaları
What are the benefits of onion, the benefits of onion juice

What are the benefits of onions


The indispensable food of our meals onion , is one of the most useful food. The onion benefits are considerable, although it is sometimes avoided because of its intense odor. Onion strengthens our immune system with vitamins and minerals it contains and protects against diseases. Onions are literally a source of healing. While onion juice is used to remove infections from the body, in some regions, the onion is crushed and pressed on the wound in order to pass the wounds caused by falls. The reason for this process; onion is a natural antibiotic.


What is Onion


Onion is one of the vegetable species grown easily in our country. There are types such as chives, white onions, purple onions and spring onions. Contains plenty of fiber and sulfur. Vitamin B and C are also found in onions. It is rich in folic acid and potassium. Onion is one of the most useful antioxidant nutrients. The acids in the onion protect the stomach and intestines from diseases.


The Benefits of Onions


Prevents Infectious Diseases; Onion, which fights against free radicals damaging immunity, thus protects our body against infections. Infections cause diseases such as colds and flu in winter. Consuming onions protects our body against infections and strengthens the immune system.


Heart Health; One of the benefits of onion for our health is heart health. It contains potassium mineral, B and C vitamins and protects cardiovascular health. Onion with antibiotic effect also reduces the effects of vascular obstruction. Onion fights free radicals that can cause heart disease.


Stops the Nose Bleeding; Onion has the effect of stopping small bleeding. Onions may pass through nosebleeds or small capillary bleeding. The onion can be applied to the site of small bleeding or sniffing through the nose may cause the bleeding to stop.


Effective for Insect Bites; By applying onion or onion water to small insect bites, the pain can be alleviated. Especially when the onion juice is applied to the insect bite, it relieves the pain of sting and accelerates the healing process.


Protects the Skin Health; Onions contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that protect hair health and prevent skin problems such as acne and pimples on the skin. Onion, which creates an antibiotic effect in the cells, nourishes and cleanses the skin cells.


Balances the Sugar; One of the most beneficial nutrients for blood sugar is onion. Onions do not cause sudden increases in blood sugar. Balances blood sugar.


Other Benefits of Onions;


  • Increase sexual power.

  • Improves digestive system.

  • Prevents blood clotting.

  • It has a diuretic effect.

  • Cleanses the body from harmful substances and toxins.

  • Protects against obesity.

The Benefits of Onion Juice


soğan suyunun faydaları
benefits of onion juice

Another benefit of onion is onion juice or onion curing. Onion juice contains the most useful components of onions; Contains folic acid, sulfur, vitamin C and B Onion juice has an antibiotic effect, especially against inflammatory diseases, and makes it easier to remove the infection from the body.


Benefits of onion juice;


  • Onion juice protects bone health.

  • Protects from the common cold.

  • Balances cholesterol.

  • It allows the cells of our body to rejuvenate.

  • Removes menstrual irregularity.