What are the benefits of rosehip tea, how to make it

Rosehip tea , which we consume especially during winter months, is one of the tea that strengthens the immune system and is good for colds. The benefits of rosehip tea are not the only ones. Rosehip tea contains many vitamins and minerals. Rosehip tea is obtained from rosehip plants. In fact it is also known as rose fruit . Rosehip plant has a very pleasant smell and can grow up to about 3 meters. After the leaves of the rosehip plant emerges as a rose-like fruit. The shape of this fruit is similar to rosehip and the name of the rosehip tea comes from here.


What are the benefits of rosehip tea

 What are the benefits of rosehip tea? to drink. Let us now see more closely the benefits of rosehip tea together ;

Benefits of Rosehip Tea;


  • Helps regulate blood pressure; According to a study conducted by the Journal of Nutrition in 2010 on the rosehip, it has been found to have a positive effect by lowering blood pressure, especially in patients with high blood pressure. Blood pressure patients who regularly drink rosehip tea for 6 weeks were found to have a significant decrease in blood pressure.

  • Rosehip tea is a good diuretic.

  • With the effect of pectin and lactase in the rosehip regulates the digestive system, so it is good against constipation.
  •  Rosehip tea, a good source of vitamin C, strengthens the immune system and makes it stronger against viruses (colds, colds)

  • Colored vegetables and fruits contain strong antioxidants and are protective against cancer. Rosehip tea is also a good source of antioxidants. The antioxidant and lycopene substances in rosehips are known to weaken the risk of cancer types, especially stomach and blood cancer.

  • Rosehip tea is known for alleviating the pain of rheumatism ; In the research of plants that are good for joint inflammation, rosehip tea has been found to alleviate the pain caused by joint inflammation.

  • Balances bad cholesterol in the blood, lowers it.

  • Rosehip tea nourishes the skin and gives shine.

  • It allows the menstrual pains to stop.

  • Helps reduce cough caused by colds.

  • It is good for iron deficiency.

  • Carries powerful antioxidant extracts.

  • Rosehip tea contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.

Usually drink during the colds rosehip tea, is one of the most useful herbal tea can be consumed. It can be consumed frequently to meet the need for vitamin C, especially in winter. 5 grams rosehip meets approximately 35% of our daily vitamin C requirement. Again, 5 grams of dried rosehips meet 5% of our vitamin A needs and 1% of our calcium needs.


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The benefits of rosehip

The rosehip tea also meets our need for fiber . Rosehip tea meets 5% of our daily fiber needs. Rosehip tea contains vitamins A, C, E and K as well as phosphorus, copper and manganese minerals. Rosehip tea, which we drink today to protect against colds and colds, is one of the plants used for health since ancient times.


In the Middle Ages, rosehip, which is also used as a perfume fragrance due to its pleasant smell, spread all over the world from regions such as Asia and North Africa. In the United Kingdom, which suffered from the supply of vitamin C-rich fruits during World War II, rosehip syrups were prepared from rosehip fruits to give vitamin C and strengthen the immune system for children and patients.

 How to Make Rosehip Tea

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How to make rosehip tea

Rosehip tea obtained from the rosehip fruit is now available from herbal or grocery stores. Rosehip tea is sold as ready-made tea bags in the markets. You can get dried rosehips from herbalists. Sliced ​​rosehip , either dried with a knife or crushed and add water. Boil for 10 minutes. Then close the lid and wait for the rosehip tea to brew. Our tea is brewed for a few minutes and then filtered. Rosehip tea is ready for drinking.


There are some points to consider when brewing rosehip tea. Be especially careful not to boil for too long. Because the nutritional value of the rosehip, which stays at high temperature for a long time, disappears.


Will the Rosehip Tea weaken


Rosehip tea obtained from rosehip fruits is a herbal tea without calories for as long as it is drunk without sugar. It should be consumed without sugar to get the full benefit from herbal teas. Rosehip tea is one of them. The question of whether rosehip weakens is an important issue for those who care about their weight and want to lose weight. Rosehip tea helps to weaken because it is a powerful antioxidant and has an effect on accelerating metabolism . However, to lose weight by drinking only rosehip tea should not be expected to lose weight, balanced nutrition and exercise are also essential to slimming. Rosehip tea to lose weight 2 cups a day for meals in between can be consumed without sugar.


Do You Have Side Effects of Rosehip Tea


Rosehip tea, usually known for its benefits, is useful for pregnant and nursing mothers to consult a doctor before drinking. Excessive drinking of rosehip tea may cause side effects in patients with heart disease or allergic disorders.