tatlı badem yağı faydaları, ne için kullanılır
sweet almond oil benefits, what is used for

Almonds from miraculous nutrients are quite beneficial for our health and when consumed raw. The oil obtained from almonds is also beneficial for our health and skin. Almond oil sold on the market as almond oil is sweet almond oil . Sweet almond oil is the oil obtained by processing and distilling almond kernels and it is especially useful for skin and hair care as it is rich in vitamin E. Sweet almond oil is widely used in cosmetic industry. In addition to skin and hair care, it is also used as a relaxing massage oil

 Benefits of Almond Oil Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E is particularly the salvage of dry skin. Moisturizes the skin and helps it look healthier nourishes the skin . The skin loses moisture year after year, causing dryness and wrinkles. Regular use of almond oil gives the skin the moisture it has lost and reduces fine wrinkles.


badem yağı tatlı badem yağı faydaları
almond oil sweet almond oil benefits

Sweet almond oil In addition to being rich in vitamin E , it also maintains the ph balance while moisturizing the skin. This results in a more vibrant and radiant complexion.


Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil to the Skin; Oils containing vitamin E provide the skin with the moisture it needs and nourish the skin. Almond oil is also at the forefront of oils where vitamin E is abundant. Sweet almond oil containing vitamin E nourishes the skin , provides dry skin to gain moisture. Nourishes dry skin due to eczema . Sweet almond oil is used in cosmetics today in care products such as creams and serum. Many soaps contain sweet almond oil. The main reason for using sweet almond oil in soaps is that it contains vitamin E and gives softness to the skin.


Sweet almond oil should not be used on skin with acne and acne problems. Because sweet almond oil is absorbed quickly by the skin, it can clog the oily pores and trigger acne.


Sweet Almond Oil Helps Extend Eyelashes; You can care with natural products at home to make your eyebrows grow louder and lashes grow. Yes, there are cosmetic products available on the market for eyelash lengthening but there is a risk that they are both high paid and have side effects. It is very important in this sense to make eyelash care with natural materials at home . However, sweet almond oil lashes with vitamin E to help lengthen and does not contain side effects. To apply sweet almond oil to your eyelashes, apply sweet almond oil with an old eyelash brush or cotton wool to your lashes. Regularly applying sweet almond oil to your lashes before going to bed makes your lashes look longer and healthier.


Sweet Almond Oil for Under-Eye Bruises; Under eye bruises are a problem for many people and there are different reasons for this. Insomnia, unhealthy diet, skin diseases and structural features are among the reasons that cause under-eye bruises. However, you can reduce the bruises under the eyes by using sweet almond oil. Pour a few drops of sweet almond oil on your fingertips before going to bed at night and apply with gentle tampon movements under your eyes. If you use it regularly, you will see that the under-eye bruises decrease. Also click here for more detailed information on the exact solution to the under-eye bags.


Sweet Almond Oil Benefits for Skin Cleansing; You can also use sweet almond oil for skin cleansing. In this way, your skin air pollution, sweat and dust, such as substances that damage the skin will be purified, as well as sweet almond oil nourish your skin. To do this, mix 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 tbsp sweet almond oil and apply it to your skin in a circular motion from bottom to top. This mixture will exfoliate your skin. You can then rinse your face. Click here for more detailed information on skin cleansing .


Use of Sweet Almond Oil for Eye Contour; The eye area is the most sensitive and thin skin on our skin. Moreover, because the muscle around the eye is mobile, it is a region where fine lines are formed earlier. You can apply sweet almond oil with buffer movements to increase blood circulation around the eyes and to remove dryness around the eyes.


What is Sweet Almond Oil Used for


Sweet almond oil you can easily use for your skin. You can easily use almond oil for your face, legs, nails, eyebrows and eyelashes, hands and feet heel fractures .


You can accelerate blood circulation by massaging your body with almond oil. In addition, almond oil nourishes your skin, provides moisture gain.


Especially those who break their hand nails very quickly can strengthen their nails by massaging with sweet almond oil. If used regularly, the nails become stronger and healthier.


Benefits of Almond Oil to the Face


One of the regions where almond oil is used most is our face. The need for moisture on our face, more damage from external factors of course requires more care. Sweet almond oil is quite useful for the face. Almond oil gives our face the moisture it needs. Other benefits of almond oil for the face;


  • Provides the ph balance of the face.

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

  • It is good for diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

  • Provides skin protection against problems such as itching and redness.

  • Leaves skin free from dead cells.

Almond Oil Benefits to the Hair


Sweet almond oil is very useful for skin care as well as for hair care. Almond oil strengthens the hair, nourishes the scalp, and thus provides stronger hair growth. Hair loss is very common, especially in women. By using almond oil, you can prevent hair loss and make your hair look healthier.


Since almond oil is a good source of moisture, it is also used for drying hair and gives moisture to the hair. How can you use almond oil for hair;


You can apply almond oil to the ends of your hair, broken and damaged hair. You can also add olive oil if you wish. If you have problems with dandruff that is having scalp problems; Almond oil can last for 15-20 minutes after you can rinse your hair bottoms. When using almond oil for hair, you can add avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Natural hair care Click here for all the curious.


Almond Oil is not used in what situations


Almond oil is an oil without side effects. Almond oil, which is very useful, should be considered in some special cases.


Persons who have undergone a surgical operation should not use almond oil in their operative sites. In the same way, the use of almond oil should be stopped 10 days before surgery.


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