the main aim of the water fasting is to leave the stomach empty and get all the energy from the fat stored. for those who wonder about the water fasting

isn’t the water fasting unhealthy?

no, it’s not. that’s the mechanism of our bodies. that’s why the fat is stored. this is how people survived the Dark Ages, they survived the ice age. You can live with water for 2-3 weeks.

muscles don’t melt?

it won’t melt if you work. what you don’t understand is that our bodies are not only in protein bowls. it’s on our skin, it’s on cell walls. there, too. the body doesn’t need that much protein for energy when it’s hungry . consider bi if that were the case, why would she Store it fat ? we would have stored protein instead. protein is not energy in the body. it’s a repairer. in the case of starvation, some proteins are needed for the brain, but you do not worry that it already finds itself.

You don’t need vitamins?

Yeah, but not for the first two weeks. then when you drink vitamin pills or salty water from the outside, the energy comes from the light.

aren’t you losing energy?

yeah, you stay for the first three days. but in the following days, as the oils slowly burn, you get the energy that I could work on at the gym. you can just walk, you can move on. especially after the first week I 2. Week 3. I felt incredibly energetic and all my sensory organs were working at maximum level a week.(especially the sense of smell is incredible. not just food, flowers, etc.) how do you think people in those dark ages would have been hunted if we had stayed without energy?

don’t we starve?

you can die, but when? when there’s no fuel to burn. a weak person doesn’t read this place anyway. People under the age of 18 or overweight can’t last very long.

can diabetes be a problem?

yes, maybe. don’t let anyone with diabetes get involved. unfortunately, my mother can’t stay hungry for more than three hours with diabetes.

does your mouth smell?

it smells incredibly disgusting. you have to stay away from people, I’m afraid.

do you have a headache?

if I was getting tired of extreme sports, I’d rest the next day. the pain would have gone away. there’s no chronic pain.

is it dizziness?

it happens when it moves too fast because it can’t get energy as fast as glycogen. fat burning is slow. you need to move a little slower. you can even lift weights. but don’t try to run, don’t play football.

how can you sleep ?

they said it was hard to sleep when they were hungry, right? you fit perfectly… just dreams aren’t what they used to be. I always saw tomatoes, cucumbers for some reason. it’s subconscious. you’il have plenty of food in your dreams.

are you going to the bathroom ?

no, after the first two days of fasting, you don’t poop in rough terms. because there is nothing to throw 🙂 the pee is constantly going, because we drink water. meanwhile, after the first day, you’il have diarrhea. never trust a little fart. even if you’re away from home, spare underwear better be somewhere.

psychological effects?

it’s a little bit unhappier. it was really happy to eat.

does it affect my sexual life?

it doesn’t affect the smell of the mouth. in short, so forget it.

does it have an effect on women during menstruation?

as far as I know don’t. but as I said, I may not be able to fully comment on this. I need information from women who do this.

can I take medicine?

I don’t know I’m not a doctor or pharmacist. he needs to be consulted.because I had stomach problems, I used only the first three to four days of stomach medicine (proton pump inhibitor). because the stomach is gastritis, my stomach is like eating acid secretion and burning me even so many times I broke bi. but the pill was fixed, we got away with it. it may not happen to you, because I haven’t met anyone else with this problem.

any other benefits?

I have not seen any other benefit in terms of health, except for weight loss, but maybe you can see this is very subjective.

let’s say we did, how is the refeed process? how do we fasting?

this is an important issue. the stomach and digestive system organs that do not work for so long do not return to work immediately after eating.

certainly, the longer we are hungry, the slower you should start eating. first, the ideal meal to eat a small watermelon slice:) bi two days only liquid vegetable juice, then fruit juices, then soup, potato puree… for example, let’s make 20 days, the first week certainly does not eat meat. you can’t digest it, it’s an incredible pain. if you can’t throw up, you need to go directly to the emergency room to wash your stomach.

don’t you get your weight back when you start eating?

that’s the most annoying question. why ? because those who ask this question have tried only for two or three days. I answer, No, not if you’re careful. if you eat McDonald’s three times a day, of course, you’il get it. but do you know what the best part is I left everything? you’ve been hungry for a long time, you’ve lost weight. 3-4 months passed, you missed the periods you ate like animals. you’ve got a nice weight. giving it back will only last 20 days 🙂

I’ve been a regular member of the gym or something. I don’t have breakfast, I don’t have lunch anymore. I just eat whatever I want, provided I don’t overdo it. like I said, if something happens, if I get depressed and get home with a parcel of Nutella or something, I lose weight. but now I know what to do when I want to lose weight.

how much did you save?

I was paying $ 40 a day to eat, so I gained a lot of weight. In 20 days, 800 $ remained in my pocket. I guess I could go to the gym next year with that money.

at, so I gained a lot of weight. In 20 days, 800 $ remained in my pocket. I guess I could go to the gym next year with that money.

how do I get started?

take your time, believe me, you won’t make it a lot. first, you have to watch videos on YouTube a lot. especially dr. the man called Fung speaks very well. then you have to start with small steps. for example, I ate 1 meal per day for a long time. then 2 Day, 3 Day 1…

“the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me is fighting with my brain.”

conclusion: Nothing is as unhealthy as being unhappy.