acı badem macunu
the bitter almond paste


Hello everyone uz Today’s topic is a mixture of herbal supplements , which has recently become very popular with the benefits of lung health among people . Also known as datça paste , also known as datça paste , this paste attracts attention with its natural and purely vegetal content. Let us not leave you more curious and if you wish, what is macaroon paste, how to prepare macaroon paste, how to use macaroon paste, what are the benefits of macaroon paste Let’s move on to our article on the topic başlık We wish you pleasant readings…


What is macaroon paste



What is bitter almond paste When we look at a completely natural and antioxidant power plants and spices prepared from the healing store is a paste. In particular, you can prepare the macaroon paste at home, which makes important contributions to lung health, as well as selling it online. However, for our readers who want to buy the paste over the internet, please make sure that the content of macaroon paste that you will purchase on the internet is prepared reliably and approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Health. Let’s see the answer to the question of how to prepare macaroon paste for those who want to prepare the paste mixture at home .


How to prepare the macaroon paste

  The preparation of this healing full of macaroon , which has protective and therapeutic properties against many diseases, is also quite simple. Bitter almonds, licorice, ginger and honey are used to prepare the mixture of macaroon paste.



  • 300 g of natural flower honey
  •  300 grams of goat horn / carob molasses

  • 2 tablespoons of macaroon powder
  •  2 tablespoons licorice root

  • 1 tablespoon of ginger powder

Construction ; Mix all the ingredients in a steel pot until thoroughly homogenous. Take the steel pot to the stove and boil. When the mixture starts to foam, close the bottom of the stove. After cooling, store in a glass jar. The shelf life of this putty is approximately 2 years.


How to use the macaroon paste


Macaroon paste should be consumed regularly during the day. In adults, one teaspoon in the morning and evening is sufficient to consume up to 1 teaspoon in children. In the meantime, while consuming macaroon paste should be reminded immediately that plenty of water should be drunk.

 Benefits of macaroon paste

Especially for people who smoke or have been exposed to cigarette smoke for a long time recommended for the health of macaroon paste is a natural support for mine workers to consume in the old years. The benefits of macaroon are not to be underestimated, given that herbs and spices are important shielding agents against lung health and respiratory diseases . Let us now take a look at the benefits of macaroon paste ;


  • Reduces the desire to smoke. It is a very important dietary supplement for those who want to quit smoking. According to the researches about user comments, it is seen that individuals who consume macaroon paste regularly quit smoking more easily.

  • Provides lung detoxification. It is known that consuming macaroon, especially tobacco addicts or people exposed to tobacco smoke, significantly reduces lung deformation and negativity.

  • Minimizes the deformation of organs due to smoking. Eliminates the negative effects of smoking.

  • Relieves breathing. Opens the blocked pores in the lung.

  • It has expectorant properties.

  • Cleans the toxin and mucus layer in the lungs.

  • Cuts a severe cough.

  • Minimizes allergic reactions.

  • Effective fight against COPD.

Acıbadem User Reviews


Acıbadem user reviews we can say that it requires conscious use by paying attention to the amount. Macaroon paste should not be consumed more than 2 sweet eyebrows daily. 2 teaspoon paste interval should be at least 8 hours. Therefore, the consumption of paste should be done in the morning and evening. In addition, according to user reviews, consuming a large amount of water while eating macaroon paste is said to increase the lung detox effect further.


The side effects of macaroon paste


Considering the daily intake dose, macaroon paste did not show any side effects. Excessive consumption causes many health problems such as stomach problems. We would like to remind you that people who use continuous medication who want to apply Acibadem paste cure for therapeutic purposes, who are already being treated for an existing disease and who have chronic illness should get doctor’s approval before use.


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