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What is skin cleansing, how to care for the skin


What is skin cleansing? It is all that is done to maintain skin elasticity, vitality and youth. These are the applications made to clean the dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin, to refresh and renew the skin, to remove dirt and to prevent the formation of acne.


Skin care , which is essential for everyone, men and women, has become an important part of personal care today. Therefore, the definition of beauty and well-being has changed in our age. The skin beauty is now considered a clean, soft and radiant-looking skin. Skin cleansing and care should be applied at regular intervals to maintain the vivid appearance that should be on healthy skin. It is even more important to apply the treatments appropriate to the skin structure correctly and in accordance with the technique.


How to care for your skin


cilt bakımı nasıl yapılır
how to perform skin care

How and how to do skin care is very important. An important part of skin cleaning and care is home care. Especially in a comfortable environment at home and with natural materials, care, masks and cures provide many comfort in terms of economic reasons, why it is so widely preferred nowadays. You may also be interested in our article.


Daily maintenance


1- Daily cleaning in skin care: Skin cleaning is an application that needs to be done every day. The skin should be cleaned in the morning and evening with a cleansing product suitable for the skin type.


2-Daily compression in skin care: The next step after cleaning is the compression step.In this stage, the use of tonic type products is essential. During the tonic application, it is made to relax the skin according to what the skin needs, to compact the pores opened during the cleaning stage and also to remove the residues from the cleaning product.


3-Daily moisturizing in skin care: It is a must stage. After the tonic application moisturizer (day and night cream) application. It is important to moisturize the facial area with gentle and gentle movements during the application of moisturizer selected according to the skin type in terms of blood circulation. It is aimed to moisturize the skin during the day, while protecting it from external factors, while moisturizing the skin at night is intended to help the skin rest during sleep.


4- Daily eye area and neck care in skin care: The eye area and neck area are sensitive areas that require special care. These areas should be treated with morning or evening massage every day.


Monthly and weekly treatments in skin care : Depending on the skin structure, type and need, care masks should be applied weekly or monthly. Cosmetic products can be used for sale as well as these masks with natural materials you can prepare yourself.


Why Skin Care is Important? Why Skin Care?


Why is Skin Care Important? We all know the answer to the question aslında Our skin, which is the most precious garment we always carry on; it is an important factor that makes us feel good at every moment of our daily life, rather than building self-confidence in our relations with people…


Why should I care for my skin?


  • Cleaning the skin from dust, dirt, makeup residues, sebum (fat) and dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin,

  • To allow the skin to breathe,

  • Preventing the aging of the skin,

  • Helping to refresh skin cells,

  • Skin care should be done to protect the skin from all negative factors.