vaginal yeast infection caused by fungi in the vaginal area. discharge (like a cheese cut), itching, burning, redness and bad odor in the mucosa (yeast smell) creates diseases such as.

most commonly Candida albicans occur due to Candida glabrata, Candida brasiliensis, candida crusei and other candida species.

these types of fungi are normally found in healthy people in small amounts in the vagina. the predominant microorganisms that normally live in the vaginal region are Lactobacillus. these bacteria increase the acidity of the environment, as well as producing some antibiotic substances in the intestinal pathogen of these fungi and some bacteria (e. like coli) prevents excessive proliferation.

lactobacil can be lost from the environment due to antibiotics that kill lactobacil, vaginal showers, vaginal deodorants and other cosmetic practices. at these times, the fungus is born and the infection table develops.

if you have any of the above complaints, you should contact your obstetrician. the treatment is simple. it is necessary to avoid the old wives ‘ drug.